Refund Policy, Cancellation Policy, Shipping Policy, Return Policy, Dispute Resolution

Refund Policy:

NO REFUNDS: Before buying DigiScope, every customer is given the opportunity to evaluate DigiScope through online resources. You should fully satisfy yourself, then if you feel that DigiScope can address all your requirements you can proceed to buy, otherwise please don’t buy DigiScope.

After you have purchased DigiScope, it is not possible to cancel a purchase and return the money you paid.

If before buying you are not yet fully convinced that DigiScope will satisfy you, we will give you a Demo, allowing you to evaluate DigiScope and satisfy yourself.

Cancellation Policy:

• Items once sold cannot be cancelled.

Shipping Policy:

Products are shipping via postal department service or courier of customers choice.

Return Policy:

The product is non-returnable in nature once they’re shipped, please check the delivered item & report the error/damage/fault within a fortnight, any claim received after such time shall not be entertained. Any claim recieved in this period shall be appropriately addressed

Dispute Resolution:

In case of any dispute the customer can directly write to us on we respect our customers point of view, and we will try our best to resolve all your concerns.

Points to remember before disputing:

• Items once sold shall not be taken back. • When you buy, you read and agree to our policy, T & C given on our website by checking the check box before buying. • All disputes to be settled in Bhopal Jurisdiction only.